Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Appliances turned into shoes: Selfridges windows installation

Have you ever imagined creating something spectacular using the most mundane household appliances?

Dutch duo Lenert and Sander saw these domestic appliances in a different light, inspiring them to create and showcase unique and stunning art installations at Selfridges windows. Motivated by their designs and shapes, both artists turned these devices into huge, creative pair of shoes.

The artworks themselves actually look like some of the most distinctive designer shoes:

Chanel clogs - Dishwasher

Christian Louboutin heels - Washing Machine

Prada heels- Cabinet

Stella McCartney stilletos - Flat iron

Yves Saint Lauren's skyscrapers -Sewing machines

Alexander McQueen hoofs- Dust Buster

source: blinkart

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Temptations in one bite: ChocChic chocolate bags and shoes

Aside from shopping, chocolate is one the most tempting things that every woman finds hard to resist. With that in mind, one brand has found a way to bring these temptations in one delectable package.

A new line of shoes and bags made in best quality Belgian chocolate was recently launched to satisfy one’s craving in one bite. And yes, you read it right – shoes and bags crafted out of chocolate.

ChocChic introduces their new collection of chocolate shoes and bags, which come in luscious dark, milk white, strawberry and orange chocolate.

Frances Cooley, the brains behind the scrumptious customized chocolates was inspired to come up with the said concept ever since she was little. Her mom once bought her a block of chocolate from Mexico and she molded the chunk with her shoe mold. With that, Frances came up with very first creation inspired by her favorite print- a chocolate zebra print shoes.

For gifts, ChocChic also personalizes labels and even offers to create your favorite shoe style. Visit their website for more information.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Gucci Guilty: The Official TVC

Directed by renowned Sin City's Frank Miller, the first 3D commercial of Gucci shows a flashback of a scorching scene between the characters played by sensational artists, Evan Rachel Wood and Chris Evans.

In a behind the scene interview with the director, Frank Miller said that he's into comic books and he treated the story as a comic book. With a storyline provided, he imagined the pictures and shots that will put the words story into life. He also said that he drew every shot of the ad and the whole movement happened during the filming process.

The ad's OST: Friendly Fire's Strangelove

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Gadget to covet: Lego digital camera

Photography is probably one of the most common interests among people nowadays. This isn't surprising since the digital age made capturing moments more convenient. And yes, DSLRs may be the most coveted photography gadget right now, but one of the well-known companies that produce cameras introduced a new stylish camera that you would probably love to carry around.

Pentax has collaborated with the Japanese Lego Nanoblock to bring forth the new Pentax Optio RS1000, a stylish digital camera that has interchangeable front faces. With Lego's 8x8x5mm blocks, the user can change its skin to the four designs available:

Left: The Lion
Right: The Camouflage

Left: The Bicycle
Right: The Classic Camera

So it seems that this camera's also challenging your artistic side when it comes to building blocks, not just in capturing your subject in a perfect timing.

*Pentax Optio RS1000 Specs: 14 megapixels image sensor, "Smile Catch" smile-detection software, 9 different digital filters (including "toy camera", "retro", "sepia", etc.).

Thing is, I heard that this camera's only available in Japan - for now, at least.

Oh, and by the way, I just remembered that lomo users have their own version of mini cutesy camera. And I'm sure you know Holga.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Too much meat: PETA vs. Lady Gaga

PETA once did this guerrilla promotion to advocate the significance of animal rights.

The promotion may look unfriendly but PETA was apparently trying their best to blatantly present their stand when it comes to animal killings.

What inspired me to post this is the meaty story regarding Lady Gaga's outfit during the recently concluded MTV VMA.

*photo source

Lady Gaga's outfit no longer surprised me since she never fails to flaunt her peculiar style in her music videos while wearing chain tops and cigarette-decorated aviators or tapes. She is not even afraid to pull off her theatrical appetite for gore or her taste for some controversial parodies. Nevertheless, Gaga has obviously offended a group that is very active in their campaigns against fur and leather usage. Advertising the none usage of any product that harms animals, PETA is against socially accepted practices such as meat and dairy consumption, fishing, hunting, circuses and bull fights.

However, Gaga explained that her attire was actually a political statement and so it doesn't mean to offend the vegans who support animal rights.

To date, this is not the first time that an organization retorted against her eccentric artistry. Just three months ago, the Catholic League frowned upon her controversial Alejandro music video and she was dubbed as a "Madonna copy-cat" who is now the "new poster girl for American decadence and Catholic bashing".

Lady Gaga may actually be the poster girl for everything too much but obviously, she has her own stand regarding the imageries she uses as an artist, because she has her own interpretations of the symbols and antics she utilizes to raise issues. She is practically a performer who doesn't seem to care on what others may think about her "show", because she plays for those who understands the language she speaks.

Thing is, she is still a public figure. She may be playing for her desired target audience but today's kids have accessed on multimedia platforms where they can see icons who have a great effect on shaping their views. Besides, the attacks against her increases her popularity and so we can't help not to learn about the controversies and stories.

Meanwhile, PETA had already released a statement regarding Gaga's meaty fashion statement during the renowned awards night. Click HERE to read.

No wonder, PETA stands against what Gaga pulled up. Remember, they didn't even missed the incident when President Barack Oabama's killed a fly during an interview. So, what more with a body clad in a dead cow's meat?

I just wonder, did Lady Gaga's attire served as the fulfillment of the meat-undies ensemble she wore when she was on the cover page of Vogue Nippon?

*photo source

Friday, September 10, 2010

Rise of the Peculiar Towers: Totems by Alaine Delorme

Who would ever thought that totems make perfect subjects in photography?

Well, Alaine Delorme did.

The Totem series of Delorme shows that some lower class jobs in Shanghai, China could be the most fascinating eye candies that can enliven a photograph. These totems may look ordinary, but for the eyes of Delorme, they display exceptional patterns, colors, life, and culture of the Chinese community.

His eyes, his lens, and artistry further proves that the most interesting subjects can be just around the street corner.

source: Trendland
more photos here

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Eshe Streetwear says religion is garbage

I recently posted a banned ad campaign for a gelato brand, which had been blasphemous in the eyes of some Catholics and now, I chanced upon this highly-controversial shirt design posted as a campaign in Ads of the World. The designs were made for Eshe Streetwear, a clothing company that claims to use the graphic medium in order to "shine a light on the absurd and irrational".

The designs received various criticisms, as expected, since they practically made fun and even puns with names and illustrations of different religions. Aside from that some critics do not get it why the moderator allowed them to get posted on the site, since Ads of the World posts ADS not shirt designs.

Moreover, the designs were not even meant to promote the shirt brand. It obviously promotes a certain belief, which is "Religion is Garbage."

Although it's a common belief that all religions are subjected to criticisms, I think these shirts came out offensive. We all know that we can argue about the merits of religion, but the designs touched a very sensitive point that will surely hurt the believers of each group.

Here are some of the comments in this campaign:

I'm an atheist, and these are offensive to me. On many levels. - sirvan | Thu, 2010-08-26 20:09

To creative:Not every people can accept it as the way you are thinking. Please consider to think carefully about layman Ad society, religious groups and intercultural communication that website can cope. - Mulyanto | Sat, 2010-09-04 12:44

Advertising Agency: Muckmouth, Auckland, New Zealand
Creatives: Nobjockey, Tatsie, Strange G, Dabset
Illustrator: Kennedy Poynter

Thursday, September 2, 2010

The glamor of shadow photography

The use of shadow is one of the techniques used by photographers to create a drama, facet, or meaning to an image. According to Maricon Williams, subjects without shadows appear plain and boring, because the utilization of lights and shadows create a correlation of one subject to another, as well as their place in the full scene.

On the other hand, some photographers do not just use shadows to establish the depth, distance, or time of the day. They use them to clad the bodies of their subject that will appear to be a part of the whole

Below are some photos taken by well-known fashion photographers who use the "shadow technique" on their models.

Kate Moss for Vogue UK | Photographers: Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott

Karen Elson for Numero Magazine | Photographer: Solve Sundsbo

Anastasia Bondarnko for Sokozine Magazine | Photographer: Rony Sharam

Inguna Butane for Numero Magazine | Photographer: Greg Kadel

Tanya Dziahileva for Harper's Bazaar Spain | Photographer: Nico

Photos from:

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Religion, sex, and ice cream: Antonio Federici gelato banned ads

Incorporating sex in advertisements unsurpisingly captures the attention of people who give praise or criticism towards the product promotion. Even if it brings a negative impression, sometimes this is the technique to make a buzz about the brand. It may sound desperate but a bad publicity is still a good publicity. Even if the brand's image is at risk, audience will still talk about the ad. And the word of mouth matters because this is sometimes more effective because your audience will pass the message to your potential customers.

Last year, the advertising industry was shocked when Italian ice cream brand Antonio Federici gelato released an interesting yet provocative print ad campaign that mixed religion with sexual imagery.

Some people found these witty yet the ads were subjected for review due to complaints.

Based on the Committee of Advertising Practice, "linking sex or sexualized images with religion may cause particular offense" and "portraying nuns in a sexual manner is inappropriate." With that said, Antonio Federici ads were practically disobeying the ad law.

The UK's Advertising Standards Authority banned the prints although the gelato company said that the campaign was a “tongue-in-cheek portrayal celebrating forbidden Italian temptations”.

No offense to the believers but personally, I found the campaign smart, fresh, and quite funny. Although there's too much "sex" in a blasphemous way for a gelato brand, Antonio Federici was able to create the "buzz" that is practically one of the goals in creating an ad that has an impact.

How about you? What do you think about these ads?
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