Sunday, September 5, 2010

Eshe Streetwear says religion is garbage

I recently posted a banned ad campaign for a gelato brand, which had been blasphemous in the eyes of some Catholics and now, I chanced upon this highly-controversial shirt design posted as a campaign in Ads of the World. The designs were made for Eshe Streetwear, a clothing company that claims to use the graphic medium in order to "shine a light on the absurd and irrational".

The designs received various criticisms, as expected, since they practically made fun and even puns with names and illustrations of different religions. Aside from that some critics do not get it why the moderator allowed them to get posted on the site, since Ads of the World posts ADS not shirt designs.

Moreover, the designs were not even meant to promote the shirt brand. It obviously promotes a certain belief, which is "Religion is Garbage."

Although it's a common belief that all religions are subjected to criticisms, I think these shirts came out offensive. We all know that we can argue about the merits of religion, but the designs touched a very sensitive point that will surely hurt the believers of each group.

Here are some of the comments in this campaign:

I'm an atheist, and these are offensive to me. On many levels. - sirvan | Thu, 2010-08-26 20:09

To creative:Not every people can accept it as the way you are thinking. Please consider to think carefully about layman Ad society, religious groups and intercultural communication that website can cope. - Mulyanto | Sat, 2010-09-04 12:44

Advertising Agency: Muckmouth, Auckland, New Zealand
Creatives: Nobjockey, Tatsie, Strange G, Dabset
Illustrator: Kennedy Poynter


Anonymous said...

these were posters all over Auckland.
They were ads.

Katrifictionism said...

To Mr./Ms. Anonymous:

I see. I just think that these "ads" that do not seem to promote the brand but the view. :)

Arnold said...

@eshe Streetwar: you are partly right...which religion? please try to visit

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