Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Facebook Influence

The genius of Mark Zuckerberg seems to conquer all.

It didn't just influence our parents and even our grandparents (mind you, I personally know people whose grannies are still up for social networking) to sign up and connect with other people digitally through the technology of Facebook; it also continues to influence inspire the way of thinking of some "creative" people to do ads for their clients. Ah, yes. Facebook has affected even the minds of some people who should, perhaps, be producing more creative outputs than the intelligent Harvard student's internet masterpiece.

Ad for a bookstore by Tzomet Sfarim

For The Horror Festival by Draft FCB (Lisbon)

For Gold's Gym by Jotabequ Grey (Costa Rica

For Welt Kompakt

For Opticana by McCann Erickson (Israel)

The first two ads are OK for me but the last ad is just... unforgivable.
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