Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Digital Suicide

Admit it. You have these days when you confine yourself inside your bedroom, lights off, with a pack of chips and a can of soda beside you. You are neither depressed nor in an anti-social state. Actually, you feel so sociable at that moment because you answer all the comments that your peers leave on your Facebook wall, reblog the coolest snapshots that your tumblr friends upload in tumblr or re-tweet the quotable tweets of your tweeple.

Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Plurk, Multiply, the dying Friendster… Name them and you have them. Social networks have been the favorite nests of today’s youth (and even middle-aged men!) and these cyber spaces are the new hang-out where they can socialize. Private messages became the new means of catching up. Uploading photos became the new way to show the world that you’ve been in the coolest places on earth or the new means to make someone else jealous because they were missing in action during the best happenings last holiday. You bid your journal notebooks a sweet goodbye because your Twitter and Plurk as microblogs has become the new outlet for excitement and rage. You once filled your cork board with photos and cut-out fashion editorials but since you have your Tumblr, you found a new way to post the most beautiful stuff you saw online.

Social networking sites are time consuming. You choose to stay until the wee hours in the morning or forget that you have to take dinner by seven p.m. because you’re busy updating stuff online. You overlook the importance of sunlight (well, your monitor has UV rays anyway so what the heck) and you fail to remember that you have a good book inside your shelf.

Sooner or later, you’ll forget that you need a haircut or you have a mother who sweats herself off just to prepare the best breakfast on earth for you.

So what am I pointing out?

I am one of those people too. I am a bum who has lots of time in my hands who doesn’t want to end her online life anytime soon, although at least I promised to lessen the time I spend in front of my computer until I find a job. But for those who just wanted to put an end to their cyber being, I suggest you pull the plug through Suicide Machine.
According to flavorwire, this software will kill you digital self by deactivating and deleting your online accounts. I don't know if this really works -- of course I haven’t tried this one yet. But if you have already used this, just send me a message and inform me after a week or two if it made your life better -- or if you’re having a hard time finding some of your friends in your resurrected Facebook account.
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