Thursday, November 25, 2010

Armed with Ruffles: Valentino Meets Gap

Notable brands Valentino and GAP collaborated for a capsule collection that aims to reach a wider range of audience. Thing is, V enthusiasts would definitely get surprised since the brand's evening gown trend is nowhere to be found in the latest set.

It is very noticeable that the designs carry the military trend of GAP: the khaki color, the army green and the cargo all in cotton. However, Valentino made sure to leave one of their signatures ruffles design.

Military becomes the new chic. Covet?

Friday, November 19, 2010

Hermes goes fingerskating

Watch how these fingers amazingly do its flip back lip, ollie flip and other tricks over various Hermes products, done by Alexis Milant.

I find the video is amazing and entertaining but the concept doesn't seem to fit the brand. Although the video gives a good view of their products, I think the chemistry between skating and the brand itself isn't right there. I don't know. Well, that's just my opinion.
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