Thursday, November 25, 2010

Armed with Ruffles: Valentino Meets Gap

Notable brands Valentino and GAP collaborated for a capsule collection that aims to reach a wider range of audience. Thing is, V enthusiasts would definitely get surprised since the brand's evening gown trend is nowhere to be found in the latest set.

It is very noticeable that the designs carry the military trend of GAP: the khaki color, the army green and the cargo all in cotton. However, Valentino made sure to leave one of their signatures ruffles design.

Military becomes the new chic. Covet?


Wicked Halo said...

I could see myself in a few of these...I wonder what the prices will be?

Katrifictionism said...

I guess that price would teeter between V's and G's original price? Or perhaps, the price would be really less expensive than V's tag.

I love the jacket! :)

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