Sunday, December 27, 2009

My top ten for 2010

I was actually planning to post a the-year-that-was sort of drama but I chanced upon these posters that made me excited to look forward instead of going back on the the things I had this year.

Movies, movies. I can't wait to see these masterpieces on the silver screen!

Alice in Wonderland
Aside from the fact that Johnny Depp's going to be in this movie (which makes this movie a very exciting one by default), I'd love to see the story in motion starred by real people. I used to love the Alice in Wonderland cartoon when I was a kid and something tells me that I'm going to love this more. Hello, Tim Burton.

Shutter Island
Leonardo diCaprio is one of my most favorite actors and it's not just because of his good looks. His acting prowess is definitely one of the reasons why I've been fond of his movies. And I see that Martin Scorsese's also fond of him, eh? The Departed, Aviator, Gangs of New York...

Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus
Johnny Depp, Jude Law, the late Heath Ledger... what more can you ask for? And I would love to see Lily Cole on the silver screen. I'm tired of seeing her in magazines.

Angelina Jolie is the goddess. Here's another challenging role that would surely kick some ass.

Sex and the City 2
Kids, before you fall in love with Serena and Blair's taste for fashion and passion for friendship, you should know that Carrie Bradshaw and her friends, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte know better.

My mind is the scene of the crime. Hello again, DiCaprio. I booked myself already for your two movies!

Sherlock Holmes
Robert Downey Jr. one.

Iron Man 2
Robert Downey Jr. two. Let's do this!

The Lovely Bones
Haven't read the book but something tells me that this movie's worth watching for. I'll see you in the silver screen.

Toy Story 3
The kid in me cheers for this movie.

This is, of course, not yet the final list. These movies however conquered the top posts and I am preparing myself for a big date with them this 2010.

Posters are from here.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

You, Basterds!

Quentin Tarantino does it again. Dialogue-centered scenes that established the thrill, the bloodlust-injected violence, the undisputed comical scenes, and the extraordinary style in film-making all-rolled in one movie motivated by the Nazi occupation: Inglourious Basterds.
In spite of the fact that it is inspired on one of the unforgettable tales in the history of (inhu)mankind, Tarantino chose to make it fictional. He created a new account on how these "Basterds" were able to defeat Hitler and the other Germans who followed and hailed his malevolence. The trailer seemed to publicized the movie as a war/action flick and an audience who expected loads of combat in a battle field would surely end up disappointed. Good thing I didn’t expect anything from this film except for the long conversations, which for me, worked this time. The lengthy banters gave fear in some of the scenes especially during the parts when the Nazis were chasing their prey -- the Jewish people.I do not have any reason to unlike the movie, even though I am not a QT-fan. Some may surely hate him for tweaking the reality that occurred years ago, for it seems to disrespect the efforts of the soldiers who died in the war. But for me, it is a film – a work of art embraced by an unusual imagination to provide a new story that would refresh the courage of the heroes who fought for their countrymen.

Forget history (while watching this movie, at least): because for 153 minutes, justice was served—through the story of Tarantino.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Of Complexion, Complex, and Cruelty

I think that my incisors are still throbbing after watching Tony Kaye’s American History X – a movie where Edward Norton once proved his acting prowess.
The 1998 film tackled racism, an eyebrow-cocking issue that seems to be a part of one’s attitude, which I find really very immature; yet, I cannot ignore the fact that this immaturity is something that ignites war between two people, or worse, between nations. I don’t really know the origin of this pressing matter and I’m not really sure if this came from the hostilities between the tribes from the past. World history disclosed violence of some leaders who ordered their people to kill the foreigners who try to live within their territories. And if the root of genocides under the term of Jozef Stalin, Adolf Hitler and Saddam Hussein boils down into the difference between human complexions, and then the seemingly-childish behavior is something that people must throw away with their dumps and diapers. Why? One word: Dangerous.

Going back to the movie, it is unsurprisingly violent because it touches a serious matter. Violence is the form of release by the characters who were too pissed about the increasing number of "outsiders" in their community. There’s this scene that Norton’s “gang” (that actually worships Hitler) attacked a store owned by a Korean and the black woman in the cashier was desecrated by his members through pouring stuff on her face. There’s also this scene when Norton mercilessly gun downed the Black robbers who stole his car and the one who was on the verge of death broke his jaw. It is because Norton asked him to out his mouth on the gutter and… Well, just watch it. Or maybe, you know what happened next if you try to read again my first statement. Ouch.

And because what goes around comes around, when Dereck (Edward Norton) was jailed, his brother, Danny (Edward Furlong ) was already tracking his wicked path. Good thing that Dereck had this realization about the mistakes he did before and so when he was released, he tried his best to save his brother from ending up like him.It’s an 8/10 film for me and it instantly lands on my top picks. The intensity of Edward Norton’s acting ability is actually just the second factor why it receives a good score. The way it approaches the problem, I suppose, is one of the reasons why it is listed as one of the Top 100 Films of the 90’s.

By the way, because I am feeling extra creative, I made this thing where I quoted the best line from the movie. I also posted this in my tumblr.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Yuletide Greetings with Kelly Smith's Design

Because I am currently in love with Kelly Smith's blog, I am making a post about her creation.

I saw a Christmas Card in which she designed with her illustration. It is a pack of 6 assorted cards that features both 'Joy' and 'A Very Mossy Christmas' Illustrations, done especially for the Yuletide season.
"Joy" was created with pencil, pastels and digital coloring. "A Very Mossy Christmas" however was crafted with pencil, pastel, and watercolor.

The cards are simple yet lovely and I would even want those illustrations on my T-shirt.
Have yourself a joyful and mossy Christmas card now!

Choose your own tribe!

got this from Kelly Smith's very interesting blog. :)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

So when will his violence and influence end?

I guess I made that title too serious. Haha! I just chanced upon something interesting in the web (again). Movie posters this time.

I just find this quite cute (and i know cute is not really the right term for this kind of gore); but isn't nice to see that the designer/s make/s use of the dismember body parts and the killer's tools of the trade to tell the sequel's number?
I am not really a big fan of Jigsaw. I watched parts 1-4 and then I haven't seen the last 2 parts yet. It's just tiring to follow the story sometimes. Maybe, I'm done with the phase when I used to love the gore and blood left by Freddie Krueger, Jason, Michael Myers, Jigsaw and other slasher characters who always have a bizarre outfit. Though among those four, part 2 and 3 were my favorite.

Oh, and part 6 has the worst poster. Agree?
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