Sunday, December 20, 2009

You, Basterds!

Quentin Tarantino does it again. Dialogue-centered scenes that established the thrill, the bloodlust-injected violence, the undisputed comical scenes, and the extraordinary style in film-making all-rolled in one movie motivated by the Nazi occupation: Inglourious Basterds.
In spite of the fact that it is inspired on one of the unforgettable tales in the history of (inhu)mankind, Tarantino chose to make it fictional. He created a new account on how these "Basterds" were able to defeat Hitler and the other Germans who followed and hailed his malevolence. The trailer seemed to publicized the movie as a war/action flick and an audience who expected loads of combat in a battle field would surely end up disappointed. Good thing I didn’t expect anything from this film except for the long conversations, which for me, worked this time. The lengthy banters gave fear in some of the scenes especially during the parts when the Nazis were chasing their prey -- the Jewish people.I do not have any reason to unlike the movie, even though I am not a QT-fan. Some may surely hate him for tweaking the reality that occurred years ago, for it seems to disrespect the efforts of the soldiers who died in the war. But for me, it is a film – a work of art embraced by an unusual imagination to provide a new story that would refresh the courage of the heroes who fought for their countrymen.

Forget history (while watching this movie, at least): because for 153 minutes, justice was served—through the story of Tarantino.

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