Friday, March 19, 2010

The Logolized Short

A 15-minute, "logo-studded" film that showcases more than 2,500 logos bagged the best short animated award during the 82nd Academy Awards. I just had the copy of the infamous short and I was very entertained and amused – spotting and naming the logos and brands has never been this fun.

The plot reminds me of The Dark Knight and 2012 combined. Ronald McDonald is the villain chased by the Michelinman policemen. Pringles is the irate driver who relentlessly grabs Esso girl’s ass. I’m very fond of this scene because this is where Nickelodeon splat appeared, creatively executed along with the Starbucks logo.

Other prominent characters were Metro Goldwyn Mayer, Linux, Canadian Natural, Lacoste, along with the other “animals” that participated as characters in the zoo. Mr. Clean is the gay tour guide. Parental Advisory sign has a special participation too, where in it does its job so well covering something that minors shouldn’t see. M&M’s become road kills. Pink Floyd and Sex Pistol’s are vandals on the wall. Big Boy becomes the hostage victim. Establishments like KFC worked as is. Others served as buildings, road signs, cars, and other elements that were all amalgamated to successfully create the film.

I just wonder, what was the reaction of The Golden Arches' Company regarding the usage of Ronald McDonald's as the hunted criminal?

OK, enough of the spoilers. Here’s the sneak preview that I grabbed from YouTube:

Friday, March 12, 2010

Vogue finally lands in Turkey

You have probably heard that the prominent fashion magazine sets foot in one of the most historical countries boasting a 562-page debut issue of advertising. Licensed to a Turkey-based media group named, Dogus, the well-known "fashion bible" circulated in 80,000 copies in the above-mentioned country and in neighboring Cyprus.

So the reason why I'm posting about this is because I chanced upon these photos from Cyanatrendland. For the love of art and design, I really like the lay-out of the pages they posted. The people behind the post about this issue said that they were very curious about the vibe and culture printed on its glossy pages. A historical timeline was also shown to define their brand. Thanks to them for sharing these photos!

For more larger photos, please click HERE.

Credits go to Cyanatrendland and Vogue Turkey.

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