Friday, March 12, 2010

Vogue finally lands in Turkey

You have probably heard that the prominent fashion magazine sets foot in one of the most historical countries boasting a 562-page debut issue of advertising. Licensed to a Turkey-based media group named, Dogus, the well-known "fashion bible" circulated in 80,000 copies in the above-mentioned country and in neighboring Cyprus.

So the reason why I'm posting about this is because I chanced upon these photos from Cyanatrendland. For the love of art and design, I really like the lay-out of the pages they posted. The people behind the post about this issue said that they were very curious about the vibe and culture printed on its glossy pages. A historical timeline was also shown to define their brand. Thanks to them for sharing these photos!

For more larger photos, please click HERE.

Credits go to Cyanatrendland and Vogue Turkey.

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