Friday, October 30, 2009

For the Love of Ambient

Brilliant, crazy ads again and again! This time, I choose ambient.

Just a few ads from the past that I got from the world wide web.

WWF advocates the love for Mother Nature through a very smart device.

Say goodbye to cellulite with Nivea.

The built-in censor turns on the light every time a man passes by.

Kids won't missed brushing their pearly whites after devouring on sweets.

Looks really real. Now I'm craving for one.

The picture can tell the wit of this ad!

Amazing. Five-star. Very clever. I wish I can make an ad that's more striking than this!

If the product can really do this good, then thumbs up to this ad!

Mcdo never fails to cheer me up with their great ads.

Nota bene: The creativity, concept, execution and all-in-all composition of these ads were owned by the people and ad agency who worked on this ad. Pardon if I didn't include the names of people who did this. Thank you!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

My Junk of 90's

I went to the grocery store this morning to purchase something that can fill my empty stomach before going to work. I bought Hello, Panda and it inspired me to create a list of 90’s stuff that I used to love and still love up to now. RIP to the brands that vanished but their names still bring nostalgia and I love to reminisce my childhood with them.

Because of Hello, Panda (again), my first list would be about the junks and drinks I used to eat and drink. Ready?

1. Hello, Panda - I fell in love with the chocolate filling. Sorry, Yanyan but Panda stole my heart!

2. Ovaltine – I used to love ovaltine better than Milo.

3. Sunny Orange – Ready to drink orange juice in bottles endorsed by Jimmy Santos before. Sadly, I can’t find any photo of that drink.

4. Humpy Dumpy – The reason why I can’t forget this junk food is that, the smell made me puke in the bus during a field trip. Gross.

5. Bazooka bubblegum – One of my favorites! Bubble gum with free comics!

6. Fanta – I used to choose this over Coke and Pepsi before.

7. Minute Burger – Before Burger Machine, Buena Bonita, Angel’s burger and other cheap burger stands rule the corners of the city, Minute Burger is the place to go whenever you suddenly crave for burger yet you only have a little amount of money left in your pocket. Agree?

8. Tivoli – I don’t know if you’re familiar with this ice cream bar brand but I love their funwich before! Again, I can’t find any picture in the internet to at least introduce the late Tivoli. Haha!

9. Tootsie roll – I don’t know if you can still find this in the local market but this used to be one of my favorite sweets. I can still remember the tale that my uncle and his friends were telling about this, that it explodes when you hit it hard with your slippers. Ugh.

10. Big 250 - Tetrapack orange/mango juice that I used to buy in the school canteen. Oh, elementary days!

And because of this, I’m planning to make more lists soon! That would be better instead of writing some drama-shit about a certain departure. Wink!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Thank's tumblr for the inspiration!

I just watched the controversial American 90's film, Kids directed by Larry Clark two nights ago.

Yes, you can now put a big L mark on my forehead because it took me 14 years to see this movie. Thanks to movieoftheday.tumblr for refusing to post entries from this film; it ignited curiosity and so I immediately torrented the flick.

The documentary touch of the film revealed the interests of the juveniles who are hooked to sex and drugs. They shoplift, steal, from their parents, have group sex, beat their enemies to death, have pseudo-lesbian flirtations - they simply show disturbing activities done by those who have mastered the art of profanity and delinquency.

The main character, Telly (Leo Fitzpatrick) is the guy who always wanted to fuck virgins to make sure that he's not going to have STD no matter how many girls he nails. Little did he knows that he's already infected since one of the girls (Chloë Sevigny as Jennie) he had sex with was tested positive with HIV. I am too lazy to write a synopsis. Just download it if you haven't seen the movie yet.

Kids scored 51% in Rotten tomatoes. Some critics said that it is like an overrated reality slop, a child-pornography, an excuse for pedophilia... while others appreciated the movie as they view it as an eye-opener and a wake-up call to the modern world.

As for me, I wish the movie was crafted a little more instead of bombarding the viewers with long dialogues and/or reenacting what is "real" without the sense of exploitation.

It's 5/10 for me.

Well anyway, real women are now on fashion spreads of Brigitte magazine. Does it mean, less work because they don't have to make some girls look thinner or fatter when they appear to be so skinny? Or to avoid photoshop fails and disasters? Kidding.

Oh, yeah? Anyway, here's a before and after photo, enhanced with the powers of Photoshop. I got this from M-altruism's tumblr post.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sizzling Haute!

Another set of sexy stuff from Haute Macabre collected from Shopstyle.

I fell in love with the military jacket and the studded strappy pumps (1st photo on the 2nd column).

I have nothing much to write today so I'm putting this hot set from the haute list. I don't have the "wanted bag" yet and I'm currently eyeing on 2 flat shoes I saw online. And a mini dress too that I might use on Wednesday.

Oh and I remember! On Wednesday, My boyfriend and I are attending the Catholic Mass Media Awards. We have four shortlisted entries for the student category - 1 radio PSA and 3 print PSAs. We submitted those ads as a requirement last May. Though my graduation was scheduled ahead of the deadline, we were still qualified under the student category. It's OK then since in our school, this has been the tradition - the last hurrah of the senior advertising students is to join the CMMA.

Hope we'll get a trophy. :)

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Because cold weather can make me do various things

Again, I played with my bedroom wall.

I had the other side of the wall done (the second photo one below) months ago. I covered the whole wall with various clippings from different magazines. I also have a cork board in the corner (if you would notice) where I put some of the photos of me and my friends, tickets, etc.

I just finished the other side (topmost photo) last night. I intended not to cover the whole wall, since the area above my head is filled with portraits and other pictures that jeff and I took.

I’m still planning to put something somewhere, perhaps on my cabinet door. Hehe.

So there. :)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Something to drool AT

Something dark and gothic... I would love to have these things inside my closet.

The black onyx necklace, kaffir lime ring, and fallen rhinestone choker are so elegant, which would surely glam up and put edge to a simple attire.

The metallic knot top (image after the onyx necklace) is love. I imagine wearing this elegant top over a pair of ripped jeans - a total contrast yet would surely flash a rock 'n roll attitude.

Credits go to:
Haute Macabre
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