Monday, October 12, 2009

Thank's tumblr for the inspiration!

I just watched the controversial American 90's film, Kids directed by Larry Clark two nights ago.

Yes, you can now put a big L mark on my forehead because it took me 14 years to see this movie. Thanks to movieoftheday.tumblr for refusing to post entries from this film; it ignited curiosity and so I immediately torrented the flick.

The documentary touch of the film revealed the interests of the juveniles who are hooked to sex and drugs. They shoplift, steal, from their parents, have group sex, beat their enemies to death, have pseudo-lesbian flirtations - they simply show disturbing activities done by those who have mastered the art of profanity and delinquency.

The main character, Telly (Leo Fitzpatrick) is the guy who always wanted to fuck virgins to make sure that he's not going to have STD no matter how many girls he nails. Little did he knows that he's already infected since one of the girls (Chloë Sevigny as Jennie) he had sex with was tested positive with HIV. I am too lazy to write a synopsis. Just download it if you haven't seen the movie yet.

Kids scored 51% in Rotten tomatoes. Some critics said that it is like an overrated reality slop, a child-pornography, an excuse for pedophilia... while others appreciated the movie as they view it as an eye-opener and a wake-up call to the modern world.

As for me, I wish the movie was crafted a little more instead of bombarding the viewers with long dialogues and/or reenacting what is "real" without the sense of exploitation.

It's 5/10 for me.

Well anyway, real women are now on fashion spreads of Brigitte magazine. Does it mean, less work because they don't have to make some girls look thinner or fatter when they appear to be so skinny? Or to avoid photoshop fails and disasters? Kidding.

Oh, yeah? Anyway, here's a before and after photo, enhanced with the powers of Photoshop. I got this from M-altruism's tumblr post.

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