Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Too much meat: PETA vs. Lady Gaga

PETA once did this guerrilla promotion to advocate the significance of animal rights.

The promotion may look unfriendly but PETA was apparently trying their best to blatantly present their stand when it comes to animal killings.

What inspired me to post this is the meaty story regarding Lady Gaga's outfit during the recently concluded MTV VMA.

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Lady Gaga's outfit no longer surprised me since she never fails to flaunt her peculiar style in her music videos while wearing chain tops and cigarette-decorated aviators or tapes. She is not even afraid to pull off her theatrical appetite for gore or her taste for some controversial parodies. Nevertheless, Gaga has obviously offended a group that is very active in their campaigns against fur and leather usage. Advertising the none usage of any product that harms animals, PETA is against socially accepted practices such as meat and dairy consumption, fishing, hunting, circuses and bull fights.

However, Gaga explained that her attire was actually a political statement and so it doesn't mean to offend the vegans who support animal rights.

To date, this is not the first time that an organization retorted against her eccentric artistry. Just three months ago, the Catholic League frowned upon her controversial Alejandro music video and she was dubbed as a "Madonna copy-cat" who is now the "new poster girl for American decadence and Catholic bashing".

Lady Gaga may actually be the poster girl for everything too much but obviously, she has her own stand regarding the imageries she uses as an artist, because she has her own interpretations of the symbols and antics she utilizes to raise issues. She is practically a performer who doesn't seem to care on what others may think about her "show", because she plays for those who understands the language she speaks.

Thing is, she is still a public figure. She may be playing for her desired target audience but today's kids have accessed on multimedia platforms where they can see icons who have a great effect on shaping their views. Besides, the attacks against her increases her popularity and so we can't help not to learn about the controversies and stories.

Meanwhile, PETA had already released a statement regarding Gaga's meaty fashion statement during the renowned awards night. Click HERE to read.

No wonder, PETA stands against what Gaga pulled up. Remember, they didn't even missed the incident when President Barack Oabama's killed a fly during an interview. So, what more with a body clad in a dead cow's meat?

I just wonder, did Lady Gaga's attire served as the fulfillment of the meat-undies ensemble she wore when she was on the cover page of Vogue Nippon?

*photo source

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