Thursday, September 16, 2010

Gadget to covet: Lego digital camera

Photography is probably one of the most common interests among people nowadays. This isn't surprising since the digital age made capturing moments more convenient. And yes, DSLRs may be the most coveted photography gadget right now, but one of the well-known companies that produce cameras introduced a new stylish camera that you would probably love to carry around.

Pentax has collaborated with the Japanese Lego Nanoblock to bring forth the new Pentax Optio RS1000, a stylish digital camera that has interchangeable front faces. With Lego's 8x8x5mm blocks, the user can change its skin to the four designs available:

Left: The Lion
Right: The Camouflage

Left: The Bicycle
Right: The Classic Camera

So it seems that this camera's also challenging your artistic side when it comes to building blocks, not just in capturing your subject in a perfect timing.

*Pentax Optio RS1000 Specs: 14 megapixels image sensor, "Smile Catch" smile-detection software, 9 different digital filters (including "toy camera", "retro", "sepia", etc.).

Thing is, I heard that this camera's only available in Japan - for now, at least.

Oh, and by the way, I just remembered that lomo users have their own version of mini cutesy camera. And I'm sure you know Holga.


Wicked Halo said...

uh, I want one of these, they're extra cute :)

Katrifictionism said...

Ditto! :)

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