Friday, August 7, 2009

Rape of Fate

Ads made by DDB Hungary.

The issue about Darfur Rape Cases once shocked and shamed the world for a lot of civilians, particularly women have been rape victims. They were the “target” of the Janjaweed militiamen since they are the ones who go out of the camp to get firewoods for their community. Also, the reports found that rape and other forms of sexual violence were used as a weapon of war in a manner of humiliating, punishing, controlling and inflicting fear to women as well as to their communities. As I have understood, they are actually protecting their men from being killed to the point that getting raped is the only option to contribute something for their country.

The violation of human rights is clearly laid out yet the situation got worse until the government set “firewood patrols” to guide these women. But the project didn’t last that long because of some financial problems.

I can’t imagine the trauma brought by this experience to the victims. It may have occurred years ago but I suppose, the nightmare left remnants that are hard to forget. I just hope that they have at least recovered and become stronger no matter how painful those vestiges are.

As for the ad campaign I found, I applaud the people behind it. The thought and execution is well done.

source: ads of the world

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