Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Bigger Slot for Willie is On!

So the aspiring president, Senator Manny Villar is reserving a slot for Willie Revillame in his party.

Sadly, the “party” that I’m talking about is not a banquet with expensive wines and extravagant meals (that might cost $15,000 or more).

I’m talking about the Nacionalista Party.

According to the news, Villar said that Willie is qualified for being a Senator so he might as well be thinking about running under the NP ticket.

I would just want to ask if MV might want think to about his statement too.

What ‘s wrong with you, people?!

Last Senatorial election, we have Richard Gomez and Cesar Montano running for the post. It was irksome. But if Willie pushes through with this very shrewd suggestion of MV…

Irksome would be an understatement.

While writing this entry, I am actually thinking, what are these qualifications that MV saw to encourage Willie to run for the 2010 election as a Senator?

Was it his charm and humor as a TV host?
Was it his capability to shut down a remarkable cortege?
Was it his kindness for giving money to the underprivileged people who cry on national TV and render a dance or song number for the talent portion afterwards?
Was it his popularity and huge influence to the mass?

I would totally understand if Willie becomes MV’s endorser, since having celebrities as endorsers is one of the tactics that they do during campaigns. And besides, he might hit the target audience too, considering the fact that he's hosting a TV show that targets and aids class C and D -- classes which perhaps cover half of the population.

But seriously, reserving a slot under NP?

Sigh. The Philippine politics has gone mad.

The article is here.


Anonymous said...

rumor has it that willie is 'into' one of MV's pretty daughters..

but it seems that willie is not that interested, thank heavens..

yeah, i agree with you that pinoy politics has gone mad, if not, totally preposterous..

katrifictionism said...

seeking for Willi'es support is predictable since he has the potential to attract more supporters, especially if the target audience teeters below class B.

yeah, good thing he is not interested. And as for the rumor about being "into" MV's daughter -- I suppose that's more predictable than the first theory that I just stated.

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