Thursday, August 6, 2009

From condom ads to nature-friendly paints

For the third time today, I am going to post something about print advertising. Yeah, ad overload. I’m not blaming my work though because I love what I’m doing.

Anyway, the first two photos are ads made by TBWA Santiago-Mangada-Puno, a local advertising agency that won various awards. This ad for Boysen actually bagged bronze in the recently concluded Cannes Lion. This campaign is actually one of my favorites too.

And then I chanced upon this ad campaign for condom, which has the same execution. The idea though is different because this all about condom usage while the former ad is about the “earth-friendly” contents of the paint.

And then there’s more. A new line of premium paint came out — Aura. An eco-friendly paint that wanted to express its benefits to the packaging itself.

Oh, well. The ideas are all brilliant. It’s just that the executions are really close that some people might think that one copied one from another. Advertising is so huge that you can’t really tell if your idea has been used or not. But I guess the important thing is, you know where your concept for the product stands. Positioning matters a lot, so does originality and copyright.

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