Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Sun and Moon Power

An advertising billboard of Adelaide United Football Club in Australia decided to play with the moon. Yes, you read it right -- the MOON.

Carrying the line, "One night games come alive", the interactive billboard is designed to utilize the presence of full moon. The outdoor ad is probably located exactly where the full moon rises.

Of course, if the moon is not present, a fake one is said to be mounted on a pole that extends above the outdoor display. So in that case, I guess the billboard utilizes the night sky more than the heavenly body, isn't?

McDonald's once had this outdoor advertising that utilizes the sunlight. Made by Leo Burnett, the McSundial billboard features a real sundial where in the shadow aligns with a Mcdonald's item each hour until noon. The billboard has been put up in Wrigleville, Chicago.

sources: Trendhunter and ReadbetweenthePS

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