Friday, February 19, 2010

All aboard to chalkboard!

Art and fashion enthusiasts and even simple homemakers would definitely want exquisite paintings and photographs on their wall. But everyone knows that artworks are way too expensive. The solution? Do your own art and personalize your walls with your own creations with one of the cheapest medium: CHALK.

It's not a surprise that blackboards don't just belong to classrooms or conference halls anymore. Thanks to creativity and imagination, they can be found inside your own home. A new trend in interior decoration presents the use of blackboard paint, which gives an interactive touch to your interior.

Aside from that, this can be a very good tool to enhance your artistic prowess. Or you can consider this as a canvas to create some ever-changing masterpieces that express your mood.

Now, you don't have to worry if your children would draw all over your white-washed walls and floors. Yet, with chalkboards around them, you'll probably worry about the hazard of chalk dust.

source: Cyanatrendland

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