Thursday, September 24, 2009


So after getting hooked (for a short while) with Polyvore, I'm now playing in this site named Looklet. I love the site because I get to experiment with clothes. It quite helps me to think what to wear the next day, since thinking of what to put on is an everyday struggle for me. Superficial I know, but that's the truth. I usually take time in picking clothes.

With Looklet, you get to choose the clothes that you want to put on the model they provided. You can actually choose your own model and background. The call is yours to mix and match the pieces they provided. Yeah, it's like you're the designer - the brain behind the glamorous combination.

My officemate saw me "playing" last night and she said that stuff like this is quite frustrating since the only thing you can do is to imagine. In real life, you can't have the dress or shoes that you're drooling over the application. Well, she's right. It is somehow frustrating but of course, I don't want that feeling to affect me. After all, this is just a past time and a place where I can at least get an inspiration for the next big days ahead.

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