Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Honesty, Procrastination and Circus 2010

I haven’t updated my blog for days because of workload and laziness overload. Though I’ve been hearing a lot of political jokes and issues these days, I chose to keep my unsolicited opinions because I know that the stories are not going to die anytime soon. Again, Philippine politics staged a carnival, inspired by the upcoming big event – the 2010 Elections.

So, Mar Roxas gave way to Noynoy Aquino as the party’s standard bearer. People have been cheering and encouraging the latter ever since Cory Aquino died and I really expected that to happen. I mean Noynoy running for President? “Why not?”, they say. Some say Noynoy’s the better bet compared to the other presidentiables. His parents are honorable and iconic and considered as heroes, and the values he supposedly learned from them promises to save the Philippines from this endless political circus. He seems to be untainted and corruption doesn’t seem to exist in his vocabulary. Oh, well. I do not have the right to disagree but agreeing with that notion isn’t really a requirement, right?

Korina Sanchez is not a politician but she is also under the limelight. I’ve seen blogs that joke about her aspirations as a first-lady. We cannot blame people for writing that, of course. When I first heard about Mar and Korina’s planned nuptial on national TV, I can’t help not to think that it’s all part of boosting Mar’s popularity to win the post. The timing of their announcement, the interviews, the public display of affection that I can’t contain – all these are added stunts to attract more people to support their show for the 2010 carnival…I mean, elections. Pardon the prejudices, but this is just what I thought.

And as the date comes closer, ads rain like we’re under signal number 2 (signal number 3 will be raised on February to April, I guess). Some advertisements show what the politician has done for the country, others made soap-opera inspired bull, some show their family backgrounds to gain popularity, while some danced to the tune of very unforgivable jingles. Of course there are those who try to be subtle and tame, while there are those who choose to declare war.

And of course, there’s the Erap-Lacson finger-pointing battle over the Dacer case, which is slowly taking on a life of it’s own. One has to ask, after all these years, “why now”? Maybe we’ll never know who’s telling the truth, but at least we know one thing: timing is everything, my friends.

I’m 23 and I am not yet a registered voter. When I was 18 or 19, I was too lazy to register and have my fingers “dirty” (with indelible ink, that is). Now, I’ll be honest again: it’s not the heavy workload that holds me back from being a voter; it’s now a choice to not exercise my right. I have no bet. I have no trust. But who knows, I might change my mind tomorrow. I’m still trying to figure out my choice.

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