Thursday, August 6, 2009

In your Face!

The death of the former President Cory Aquino brought an overwhelming effect to the Filipinos, because she was known as the Mother of Democracy. Because of her courage, the Philippines has been freed from Martial Law.

Apparently her death that drawn a lot of big people and commoners who have admired and supported her along the way, also attracted commercialism. People started selling yellow shirts, yellow ribbons, yellow flowers, yellow everything – including yema. Businesses like Meralco started placing ads in newspapers thanking the late President. Politicians hang tarpaulins everywhere, showing their gratefulness to what Cory had contributed to our country. These things are predictable. We have seen these “tangible” condolences and gratitude many times before. Though some people might conclude that the posters and ads from the politicians are part of their comprehensive campaign, we can't actually judge for sincerity might still lie beneath their corporeal greetings.

Posters and tarpaulins are subtle though. But I think this is way too much:

Oh, well. We still can't judge. Haha!


Pinay Angel said...

lol to jamby madrigal's bracelet! XD anyways, thanks sa advices, i now write without worrying what others think. love the new look of your page :) miss you katatonic!

katrifictionism said...

you're welcome! miss you too! :)

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