Monday, May 9, 2011

Nid de Poule: Dazzling Potholes in Paris

Potholes have never been this pleasing.

Thanks to Julianna Santacruz Herrera's ingenuity, Paris' street potholes turned into colorful street accents.

Through the use of colorful strips of fabric, Julianna's visual intervention turned the shallow breaks and cracks in to vibrant shades that yielded fun on the gray streets of Paris.

From afar, one might mistaken these unique artwork in to scarves dropped by someone's who's in a hurry. But in a closer view (based on these photos), one can clearly see how the materials were thoroughly folded to create an appealing look on what used to be annoying cracks on decrepit cements.

Julianna's project is a good idea but not along the public streets, especially here in the Philippines. I think it would work better in personal backyards/patio. Agree?


Personal blah:

An update finally! Yay!

OOC post: Sharing you one of the photos I took last year during our Bohol trip. I can feel that summer's ending here in our country and I haven't had any beach trip yet because I'm busy with work. Sad. So yeah, to refresh my memory with the matchless beauty of the shore, I'm posting this picture.

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