Friday, January 14, 2011

Mannequin Fetish

There is such thing as mannequin fetish and it's called Agalmatophilia.

Actually, Agalmatophilia is not just about having a sexual desire with mannequins. It also deals with dolls and other inanimate representations of the human form. This paraphilia that is linked with inert models, according to Jami McDonald, can be categorized as an uncomplicated fantasy or a desire that can lead to something more serious.

So why, all of a sudden, am I talking about this fetish after being on a hiatus for weeks?

Dear readers, let me lighten things up a beat by showcasing a fantastic photo shoot done by one of my favorite photographers that featured one of today's hottest actresses. Although the shoot was done last year, I was more than willing to post the photos when I found them online. And mind you, this set somehow gives a clear picture of the said fetish. I was inspired by this shoot to discuss a bit about Agalmatophilia that was said to become one of the hottest kinks of 2010 (I haven't had any update if the prediction was true though).

Megan Fox for Interview Magazine (June/July 2010) by Craig McDean:

So, how's that for my first, official blog entry for 2011? :)

Nota bene: There is no claim that McDean was inspired by the said fetish for this shoot. All rights belong to the photographer, the artist and the magazine.

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