Saturday, January 22, 2011

The 2010 that was: Top Movie Poster Picks

Movie posters undoubtedly play a vital role in promoting films since these visuals serve as print advertisements for the movies. Actually, I'm quite drawn to posters since I love how the design speaks the theme or provides a glimpse of what the story is all about. There are even times that I would choose to watch a certain film because I was intrigued by its poster. Which is why, I somehow conclude that just like print ads of products, posters should be effective and creative to make the audience watch the movie.

Last 2010, there were more or less 100 movies and documentaries produced and a few of them had imaginative concepts for their movie posters. I had my pick and below are my top 10 choices:

10. Black Swan (directed by Darren Aronofsky)
Poster design by Bemis Balkind

There are 8 posters made for this amazing movie but this is actually my favorite. Honestly, I expected more from the poster since this indeed is a great film. Although there's no doubt that Natalie Portman looks stunning and the visual suggests a dark theme, I'm not that contented with its overall design.

9. The Last Exorcism (directed by Daniel Stamm)
Poster design by Ignition Print

The tone is practically terrifying and haunting, so you won't be surprised if one of your friends wouldn't want this on their bedroom walls even if you gave this to them as a gift. And that for me, makes this poster beautiful -- superb concept, effective visual.

8. Kick Ass (directed by Matthew Vaughn)
Poster design by Ignition Print

Great art-direction. This poster actually seems to be a cover of an action-packed comic book.

7. Nightmare on Elm Street (directed by Samuel Bayer)
Poster design by Ignition Print

I'm a fan of teaser posters and I love how the makers did this one. The typography, the choice of words and the visual are all perfectly combined to tell you what the movie is all about.

6. The Runways (directed by Floria Sigismondi)
Poster design by Mojo

If you have seen the movie or if you know the band, perhaps you would be singing "Ch-ch-cherry bomb!" when you get to see this poster. The whole artwork is just so nice and wise, I would probably love to have this poster on my wall and even apply the design on my shirt.

5. Toy Story 3 (directed by Lee Unkrich)
Poster design by BLT and Associates

Cute. Fun. Tastefully done. This poster also reminds me of the scene where all the toys were inside Andy's box. And because the characters in this movie are all iconic, there's no need to put the title. Thumbs up to the artists behind this fantastic artwork.

4. Alice in Wonderland (directed by Tim Burton)
Poster design by BLT and Associates

I love how this beautiful masterpiece presented all characters of the movie. There's something about this poster that says it's Tim Burton's film. There's also something about it that would remind the feeling of being into fairy tales.

3. The Crazies (directed by Breck Eisner)
Poster design by The Ant Farm

As I have mentioned, I have a thing for teaser posters especially if they don't say too much about the film. The simplicity of the visual and the eerie treatment make it so eye-catching, you would probably get interested to watch this movie especially if you're into blood and gore.

2. Inception (directed by Christopher Nolan)
Poster design by Ignition Print

Aside from the fact that this is probably the best movie of the year, the 3D feel of its visual is really striking. The whole artwork is tastefully done and you could practically tell there is "hard work" in this poster.

1. Buried (directed by Rodrigo Cortes)
Poster design by Ignition Print

Hands down to the artists behind these superb posters. Five posters were made for this movie and these three are my most favorite. I like them too much, I can't choose among my top three choices that is why I decided to post them all here. The first one's cluttered in a beautiful manner and it's probably my most favorite among the bunch. I love how the makers used the reviews (text) to give depth to Ryan Reynolds.

Runner ups:

Daybreakers (directed by Michael Spierig and Peter Spierig)
Poster design by Ignition Print

When I saw this, only one thing came into my mind: I want that as a t-shirt design. The visual is minimal yet it clearly speaks what the movie is all about.

For Colored Girls (directed by Tyler Perry)
Poster design by Ignition Print

I'm a fan of watercolor illustrations that is why this poster became a part of my choices. It may not be the best but I like the execution and the colors used.

From Paris With Love (directed by Pierre Morel)
Poster design by Ignition Print

Combining the Eiffel Tower and a gun may not be the best idea of all but in this case, it's really nicely done. Seeing Travolta's name in the poster would surely make you conclude that this is an action movie, thus the pistol is just perfect to set the mood of the movie. Oh and the iconic tower? It's pretty obvious why they used it.

Devil (directed by John Erick Dowdle)
Poster design by Bemis Balkind

Menacing. Clever. I've seen the film and this poster gives proper justice to what the story is all about.


ericthespaceoutjunkie said...

i like the alice poster! :D

Wicked Halo said...

good one, I'm a big fan of movie posters as well. The last exorcism I really like the other poster the one where the girl is in the ceiling!

katrifiction said...

ericthespaceoutjunkie: Oh, I know you'll like it!

Wicked Halo: Haha! Yeah! It's creepy but it's beautiful. Haven't seen the movie anyway. I'll have a copy one of these days. Thanks for dropping by, doll! :)

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