Saturday, August 28, 2010

Movie and fashion industry collaborate for short-film campaigns

Who wouldn't agree the Oscar-winning director Martin Scorsese who brought us remarkable movies like Goodfellas, Gangs of New York, The Departed, and Shutter Island can squeeze a storyline in a 60-second TV commercial?

The notable director directed Chanel's latest perfume Bleu De Chanel, starring French Actor Gaspard Ulliel (of 'Hannibal Rising').

According to, the ad shows the refusal of the main character "to conform to expectations and falls in love with a woman who fuels his work with passion and turmoil".

Meanwhile, Dior also once tapped one of the known directors, Sofia Copolla to introduce their Miss Dior Cherie.

The texture of Dior's ad somehow reminds me of Copolla's Marie Antoinette and The Virgin Suicides.

As for Louis Vitton, they had Zoe Cassavetes to direct a one-minute short for their summer designs.

These ads actually tells that the fashion industry is indeed tapping well-known directors to craft ads that would appear like short films. Worldwide brand Gucci will also promote a new perfume in a 3-D "short-film" starring Chris Evans and Evan Rachel Wood. The ad is scheduled to release this September 12, during the MTV Music awards.

Oh, well. With this, I'm excited. Girl crush Evan Rachel Wood is just way too hot.


Wicked Halo said...

Great ad roundup, these are all pretty great, altough the gucci one reeks too much of sin city for me...but I'll feast my eyes on chris evans and let that be the end of the story ;)

Katrifictionism said...

Wicked Halo: Yeah. The directors have certain trademarks and styles that they can't hide from their works. Nonetheless, I love this new ad trend! =)

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