Sunday, August 22, 2010

Taylor Momsen is a rocker and she doesn't give a shit

Being in a “rock” band where your band mates appear more like props or wearing thick black eyeliners doesn’t give you the right to bitch anyone who’s being compared to your idon’giveashit image.

Why one earth would you bash a famous pop star because she’s wearing a leather jacket?

Why would you deny that you don’t know Justin Bieber? Personally, he’s one of the most annoying kids for me but you, refusing to admit that you have no idea who he is just because you listen to Led Zeppelin and The Beatles doesn’t make you look too-cool-for-pop-scene.

Why would you even stress about masturbation, vibrators, and joke about getting laid with a priest just to make you look cool?

Oh, and yes. You don’t really have to stress that you have a collection of blades and knives just to make sure people don't forget that you’re a hardcore rock ‘n roll chic.

Sure, you don’t care much about the people who suffer in Haiti because you’re too busy to build your rock ‘n roll image.

Yeah, go and quit Gossip Girl because the popularity of the series ruins your heroin chic image. I just wonder, where were you before Gossip Girl? Oh. Maybe you’re writing songs about dying because it’s cool (and this word is being overused in this blog entry).

And, please? Stop denying that Courtney Love has nothing to do with your current image, because people who know her music and have heard your songs and saw your image practically know where you’re coming from.

"The reality of it is, you don't know me. You're not in my living room. You're not on my tour bus...It's cool to look up to people and think that they're cool, but be who you are." SOURCE

Maybe, we'll all be happy if she tells this to herself.

Oh, hate post. I think I might be obsessing with this pretty, reckless, cool girl already.

Celebrity Skin - Hole

"Do not quench your inspiration and your imagination; do not become the slave of your model.” - Vincent van Gogh


kristina noelle said...

I agree with you ate kat, nabasa ko din yung interview niya. Grabe ang wild niya tsaka nakakainis. I'm also not a fan of Bieber pero hello, kilala ko naman siya. duh? exag!

I thought iba siya pero hindi pala.

Agree talaga ko dun sa where were you before Gossip Girl.?! eff talaga yang batang yan! hmf! hahaha


Katrifictionism said...

She's too sweet for rock and roll, that's why she's pulling that bad-ass-slash-indifferent image. Pfft. If her bad mouth during interviews is just a form of PR to complement her "rock" album, then well, she's doing good.

Wicked Halo said...

She's too full of herself and she's biting the hand that feeds her by quitting gossip girl...her rock career will only last while people recognize her, she's trying so hard to be a rock n'roll chick that she ends up being a caricature

Katrifictionism said...

Wicked Halo: Seems like she thinks that being in her "rock" band gives her the authority to bash pop-stars. I mean, she wants to be different by refusing to conform to the pop culture but come on, this just makes her a trying-hard poser who wants to make noise by being a so-called bad ass chic. What a cliche.

Wicked Halo said...

Furthermore, she's the face for Madonna's new clothing line, who let's face it, is pop's ultimate icon, making Taylor something of a hypocrite, because she's being all judgmental on one side but she's siding with it!

Katrifictionism said...

Oh, yes. The "Material Girl". Haha! And mind you, after bashing Rihanna, she had her own version of the song, I Love the Way You Lie. LOL

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