Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Smoking Hot Fashion Editorials

Numero Magazine's issue 113 has featured Solve Sundsbo's breathtaking "smoky" portraits of Dree Hemingway. I already posted one of the Dree's shots in one of my previous blog entry. Here's more from the set:

And the reason why I'm posting Sundsbo's photographs of Dree is that, I chanced upon this fashion editorial for Zink Magazine, featuring Asia Bugajska, shot by Julia Pogodina. The editorial's entitled "Black Magic" and it also utilizes the smoke effect. Here are some of the photos from the set:

Seems like these stunning editorials made use of smoke to accentuate and give highlight to the photographs' focal point. The previous shots from Sundsbo, who practically utilized the effect first, seem to project the smoke as the "clothing" and "accents" that will match the nude poses of Dree. Meanwhile, Pagodina made use of the smoke to enhance the flow of Asia's clothing, which appears to be the subject of the photographs.

Photos from: Trendnista


Wicked Halo said...

I like Dree's version better, it seems more artsy for lack of a better word and the effect is more subtle, to the point where it could be natural, the other seems like forced photoshop :o

Katrifictionism said...

@ Wicked Halo:

Agreed. The smoke on Dree's photos looks more natural and it matches her poses better. Plus, it goes well with the nudity. :)

Constantin said...

z!nk magazine is pretty low end i bet who ever shot that was "inspired" by solve's shoot

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