Wednesday, June 23, 2010

You know I'm right!

I'm rediscovering and igniting my love for music from the late 80's and the glorious decade of 90's lately and Courtney Michelle Harrison's band landed under my radar. By the way, she is popularly known as Courtney Love -- the wife of one of my biggest idols, Kurt Cobain.

I've been hearing her band Hole when I was a kid, since my uncle digs grunge and rock and roll (and I really mean ROCK AND ROLL). But then I was drawn more to Nirvana, since Cobain has casted his spell on my young mind.

And so in line with my current favorite, which is Hole and my undying love for Nirvana and Cobain, I'm posting Courtney's unplugged performance, as she covered one of Nirvana's greatest hits, You know you're right.

Here's the original version, by the way:

Oh, and in case you want to see them together, here's the all-female punk rock group from Los Angeles L7's performance in Brazil in January 1993. Spot Kurt and Courtney at 0:04.


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