Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Your Kind of Tropical Winter

They say it’s a Baguio-meets-Galera kind of beach . Being in Anawangin is like spending your summer in a winter scene in a tropical island. Surrounded by towering pine trees and a shore covered with fine ashes, this place is one of the hottest spots in Zambales. The beaches in this province are well-known for water sports like wakeboarding, yet Anawangin Cove introduces camping as part of the relaxation.

No electricity. No decent source of drinking water. No bars where you can party.

This secluded haven only provides a peaceful beach -- a place that you need whenever you wanted to get away from the noise and pollution in the city.

The long stretch of fine ashes is a breathtaking scenery from the top:

The travel's worth it. It is seldom to see a clear blue water like this:

Catch the the shoreline during low-tide:

Take a short walk and see the lagoon and stretch of pine trees:

Wake up early to see a comely daybreak by the beach:

Behold the magnificent sunset:

You can relax and enjoy the waves by the shore:

Or get loose and play with waves:

This is the kind of boat that will take you to this paradise:

And this is your home:

All photos were taken by yours truly.
January 23-24, 2009

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