Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ariel could really win this fight!

Dirt over shirts, pearly-white tees, dark liquids accidentally poured over a gorgeous dress -- I have seen these visuals being used in ads for detergent soaps many times. Practically, the basic idea deals with the benefits or the capabilities of the product that can satisfy the consumers.

We can probably conclude that when it comes to detergent ads, it's really all about the stains and shirts. But as I browsed in my favorite ad site, I saw this print campaign for Ariel made by Saatchi and Saatchi China. The "stain element" was still there yet the people behind the ad managed to tweak the visual to make it more dramatic.

Headline: Be prepared with Ariel

Well, what can I say? The big idea obviously deals with the way Ariel fights stains. The execution focused on how these stains "attack" our clothes. I can feel the dirt because of the superb art direction. Some of the critics in the comment box found in the website where I got these ads say that the people could have improved the copy. Yeah, maybe. But I guess, with visuals like this, it's OK to retain simple and straight to the point headlines. After all, the visual says it all.

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