Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Ok, so I guess from now on, I am going to compute all the money I “wasted” for every stick of cigarette I consume.

Headline: Do you know how much you really spend on cigarettes?
Advertising Agency: Master Comunicacao, Sao Paulo, Brazil

The ad is something new I suppose. I have seen a lot of “stop smoking” ads that show visuals of the diseases and the effect of this vice in the elements that surround a smoker. Now, here’s something to pinch our side pockets. As for the execution, it is well-visualized indeed. And if we consider the wrecked car as a single entry, it works well with the thought of how people would spend a huge amount of money. But if we consider both ads as a campaign, I think cars and fridges don’t match that good. And again, if we are talking about money, I think there are more serious issues that they can involve. Yet, the ad clearly states the first things that come in to consumers' mind when money comes in (I'm not sure with the fridge though).

First thought or not, this ad is 6/10. :)

got this from: adsoftheworld

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